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The home of the Australian seed bank for
Sweet Peas (Lathyrus odoratus) and other Lathyrus species.

Our Gardens are Our Passion!


The main meadow or wild garden at Kerin's property in Tasmania.  Here you will find Russel Lupins, Ox-eye daisies, irises, peonies, roses,  a large variety of perennials and annuals all happily growing together.  This is how all of our farms grow their seeds.  This is a much more natural approach to seed farming.  It allows for a balanced ecosystem to develop.  Once this is established we do not need to intervene as nature does the work for us.  


All of our farms use chickens and ducks for pest management.  Our flocks also provide us with manure to fertilise our gardens.


As you can see we do not use any machinery on our farms.  We harvest all of our seeds by hand and then sort them by hand.  This allow us to provide our customers with premium quality seeds.  

(The red flower at the front is Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw' an excellent cut flower.)

sweet peas.jpg

Our sweet peas are also mixed planted.  The understory plants help keep the soil cool which is essential for healthy sweet pea plants. 

(The green flowers at the front left hand corner are Bells of Ireland, another excellent cut flower. )


All of us love bringing our flowers inside. We understand the importance of locally grown flowers and support flower farmers around the world with our knowledge and seeds. 

lungwort frog pond.JPG

Being horticulturists we enjoy nothing more than hunting down the rare and unusual in the botanical world.  You can look forward to many of these being offered.

One of our many pulmonarias.


We also offer plants. 


Our annual tube stock sale (July to August) is not to be missed. 

We are here to share our passion and knowledge with seeds and plants from our gardens to yours.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that we all have large kitchen gardens and love to cook.  You will notice that we include recipes!  

We are also into edible flowers and have over 100 different varieties in our collection.  

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