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Here you find lots of information written by Horticulturist, Artist / Designer Kerin-Lea Hall.
passion for plants and botanical artwork started when she was seven with a book that she still has today. She created her first garden at the age of 10 with cuttings

her grandmother gave her. And since then has never been without a garden.

Kerin-Lea's passion are plants from the northern hemisphere especially North America, 

edible flowers and growing her own food (and naturally cooking it).  

Her garden is located in Tasmania. 

She moved from Queensland to indulge her love of these plants.


Kerin-Lea's horticultural philosophy is to keep things simple by mimicking nature. 

Having a garden that is organic and sustainable is essential to achieve this.  This allows 

your garden to develop its own balanced ecosystem that will greatly reduce your

work load.  


Kerin-Lea is a also a qualified graphic artist and is passionate about the arts. She describes her work as being "modern botanical with a retro twist".  Her artwork has been sold

around the world with designs being used in theatrical productions.  

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