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What is special about our seeds?

  • Our seeds are all grown by hand, harvested by hand and packaged by hand.   We do not purchase and repack seeds from other sources. Our seeds are grown not flown. This greatly reduces our carbon footprint.

  • Our seeds are open pollinated as they are grown in garden beds not fields of single varieties (monoculture).  Our system creates a diverse ecosystem.  Large areas of single variety plants greatly reduces the opportunity for a diverse ecosystem to develop.  Our gardens are teaming with microorganisms, insects, birds, frogs and insects.  As a result, we have healthier plants that produce high quality seeds.

  • We work with nature not against it.  We are trained horticulturists and as such are educated in methods of natural prevention and control.  We do not use chemical pesticides. 

  • We store our seeds in cool conditions until posted.  Our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible.  We are continually researching for more sustainable practices for our business.

  • Seeds are replaced each harvest.  We have very high germination rates.  In trails we have been the only seed company to have 100% germination rate with our sweet peas. 

  • Our system produces smaller quantities of seeds so we cannot compete with large seed companies.  We do aim to keep our seed prices as competitive as possible and offer bulk amounts on some of our seeds.

  • You will, however, find many seeds available from us that are hard to source.  We have been collecting parent plants and growing plants from seeds for over 10 years.  As a result, we know our plants can offer first hand knowledge on how to grow your seeds and plants. 

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