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Billy Buttons - Pycnosorus globosus

This is an adorable and fun Australian perennial native that grows to 80cm when in flower. The plant has low growing clumps of silvery coloured grass-like foliage and produces tall golden yellow globe shaped flowers on sturdy stems. Flowers from spring to summer. It is a water wise plant that can tolerate both the heat and cold. It is also suitable for heavy soils and coastal conditions. Excellent for attracting our native insects to your garden.

The flowers are commonly used as cut and dried flowers. Harvest when the flowers are fully opened and uniformly golden. Hang to dry.

Sow seeds indoor or direct. If sowing indoors, sow seeds about 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. If sowing outdoors, sow seeds after the last frost. Gently cover the seeds with potting mix and water in well. Seeds take up to two weeks to germinate. Grow the plants on to around 10cm and transplant when the danger of frost has passed.

Common names: Drumsticks

Previous botanical name: Craspedia globosa

Link to purchase seeds.

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