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Centaurea phrygia - Wig Knapweed

Centaurea phrygia is a perennial species of Centaurea and is native to Europe. It is a beautiful wildflower so-named because its buds resemble wigs. Gorgeous bright purplish-pink cornflowers on upright stems all summer long and into autumn. The flowers are enjoyed by insects that enjoy nectar. Seed pods add interest and texture to the garden. This plant is Ideal for meadow gardens. It prefers full sun in an average to dry position. Frost tolerant. 60cm H x 30-40cm W.

Excellent cut flower.

Sow seeds in autumn either in pots or direct into the garden. Seeds can be sown in spring but will require being placed in the fridge for 4 weeks prior to sowing. Gently press seeds on top of the potting mix and thinly cover with potting mix. Light will assist with germination. Water and keep pots damp but not wet. Germination will occur when temperatures reach around 20°C. Grow seedlings to around 10cm before transplanting into the garden.


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