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Chocolate Cosmos - YUMMY!

Chocolate Cosmos - Cosmos atrosanguineus


Chocolate cosmos flowers (Cosmos atrosanguineus) are velvety dark reddish brown, almost black and has a sweet perfume, reminiscent of vanilla and chocolate. The fragrance is much stronger on hot sunny days. This is a perennial plant is from Mexico and thrives in a warm climate. The plant grows to 60cm and prefers a sunny position with good drainage. Chocolate cosmos is frost sensitive. If growing in a frosty or wet winter areas, either grow in a pot and protect or tuber can be lifted and stored. Unlike most other cosmos flowers, chocolate cosmos are propagated by their tuberous roots. Look for roots that have an “eye” or new growth on them to start new plants.

Excellent cut flower with a vase life of up to 6 days. Team up with Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Lace as fillers.

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