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Growing Dahlias from seeds

Growing dahlias from seeds is a lot of fun and very easy.

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Our seeds have been collected from our tall dahlia varieties which have been allowed to cross pollinate with a large variety of tall dahlias. All of our dahlia plants are disease free.

This is an excellent way to add some unique dahlias to your collection as each seed will produce a different flower!

Dahlias are octoploids and have eight sets of chromosomes (most plants only have two). Due to this they have a much more diverse range of genetic material if grown from seed.

To grow dahlias seeds, it is a simple as sowing the seeds in spring in a light potting mix. Keep the pot moist not wet. Once the seedlings have grown to around 6cm in height, transplant into the garden or large pot. It is important to protect your seedlings from snails and slugs. Most of these seedlings will flower in the first year and will produce a tuber.

Many of seeds will produce what is know as "open faced" flowers. These are excellent cut flowers but it is essential to harvest these flowers before they have been pollinated.

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