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Liatris spicata

Liatris spicata, the dense blazing star or prairie gay feather, is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the sunflower and daisy family Asteraceae. It is native to eastern North America where it grows in moist prairies and sedge meadows. However, it needs to be noted that this plants does not like humid conditions. Grows to a height of approximately 60cm.

Noted for their tall, stately bottlebrush plumes of vibrant purple or white and delicate grass-like foliage. The flower spikes range from 40cm to just over 1m in height. Flowers from mid summer to autumn.

Excellent cut flower that has a long vase life.

Plants can be grown from division and seed. It is noted that seeds must be fresh. Our seeds have just been harvested.

White - Seeds

Purple - Seeds

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