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Maltese Cross - Silene chalcedonica

Silene chalcedonica is an erect deciduous perennial that grows to around 1m. It has brilliant red flowers that have petals in the shape of the Maltese Cross that bloom in the summer months. The flowers form a round ball that is approximately 10cm across. It prefers full sun and requires constant moisture and well drained soil. It does well in loamy or sandy soils and prefers a sheltered exposure. Due to the height of the plant, staking may be required.

Excellent cut flower. Flowers last up to 7 days as the buds continue to open. Harvest when slightly less than half the flowers in each cluster are open. Split stems and condition over night in warm water.

Seeds are either sown direct or into pots after the danger of frost has passed. These seeds need light to germinate so place on top of soil and carefully top with a fine layer of soil. Germination takes up to 4 weeks. Grow plants on to around 5cm and plant out.

Also known as Scarlet Lychnis, Knights Cross and Jerusalem Cross.

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