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Mrs Collier - The Sweetest of the Sweet Peas

Mrs Collier Sweet Pea is an heirloom variety with a very interesting history and has played a very significant role in sweet pea breeding. It is cream in colour and in 1905 was considered the closest variety to yellow. But what is more special about this sweet pea is its scent. It is not only strong but it is VANILLA!!! Being an heirloom, the stems are short, around 20cm and the flowers are about half the size of a Spencer. However, don’t let this stop you from using it in your floral arrangements. Instead of cutting at the stem, cut a length of the vine. Due to its size, it is more of a filler flower. Its colouring is perfect for any combination. However, make sure not to include any other scented flowers in the arrangement. Clashing colours are amazing but clashing scents do not work. This is a 12 hour flowering sweet pea and is best grown in cooler areas.

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