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Our Bespoke Seed Mixes

We are still growing and harvesting but we are so excited about our mixes we just had to share them with you. Some of our mixes are available now and the others will be available soon. All of our mixes are available in limited numbers.

Our mixes are all made from our freshly harvested seeds. We design our mixes to be beautiful but also easy to grow. We carefully select varieties with similar growing conditions and heights who seeds are able to be tossed in prepared garden beds. Once you have our seed mixes established and growing, they will reseed for many years.

We love meadows and who wouldn't! Large areas of flowers dancing in the breeze. Meadows bring the birds and bees to your garden and in time you will develop your own ecosystem.

Meadow Mix

A generous mix of the following:

Russell Lupins, Queen Anne's Lace, Green Mist, Columbines, Love in the Mist, , Rose Campion, Cornflowers, Sea Holly and Ox Eye Daisy.

Cornflower Meadow Mix

Get ready to picnic in your own meadow!

This seed mix contains the following:

Lots of Cornflowers in a large range of cololurs, Bunny Tail seeds for movement and texture, Ox-eye Daisy - Leucanthemum vulgare, every meadow needs daisies and Geum Mrs Bradshaw for a pop of red.

Cottage Garden Mix

This sweet mix includes varieties that have long been associated with cottage gardens. In this mix are: Columbines, Aquilegia or Granny’s Bonnet, Love-in-the-Mist - Nigella damascena, Golden Feverfew - Tanacetum parthenium 'aureum', Sweet William Mix - Dianthus barbatus, Snapdragon Mix - Antirrhinum majus, Stock Mix - Matthiola incana and Wallflowers – Erysimum Perennial.

These flowers will also be able to be harvested for posies to bring inside and enjoy.

Kitchen Garden Mix (Edible Flowers)

Many people over look adding flowers to their kitchen gardens. Of all of the places in our garden, this is the place where we need the beneficial insects the most. To ensure safety only grow edible flowers in your kitchen garden.

This mix has been designed for the bees. Bees’ vision is very different from that of humans. They can see colours at the yellow and blue ends of the spectrum most easily, which is why mostly they’re attracted to white, yellow, purple, and blue flowers. They can’t see red, but may still feed on red flowers that have a strong scent. In this mix are: Calendulas, Mauve and White Cornflowers, Love-in-the-Mist - Nigella damascena, Golden Feverfew - Tanacetum parthenium 'aureum', Lavender 'Munstead' - Lavandula angustifoliam, Chives and Nasturtiums.

Dried Flower Seed Mix (almost sold out)

Dried flowers are back! The following flowers / seeds are easy to grow and dry. These can be used to create amazing dried floral wreaths and arrangements.

This seed mix contains the following:

Cornflowers Mix approximately 120 seeds

Strawflower 100 seeds

Bunny Tail 30 seeds

Sea Holly 1/4 teaspoon

Achillea (Yarrow) 1/4 teaspoon

Monarda didyma 'Blue Stocking' 15 seeds

English Lavender 'Hidcote' - Lavandula angustifolia 15 seeds

Poa labillardierei var. labillardierei - Common Tussock Grass 15 seeds

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