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Schizostylis (Kaffir Lily)

Updated: May 22, 2022

The options for cut flowers during the colder months can be limited so it is always exciting when you can add one to your collection. Schizostylis are evergreen perennials and are members of the Iris family growing from a rhizome. They are also related to Gladiolus, so you can see why they make excellent cut flowers.

These are very easy to grow plants. Their preference is for moist but well drained soil in a sunny position (sun is essential for flowers). Do not allow them to dry out during summer. Mulching will help keep them cool and moist. Flowering starts at the end of summer and continues through winter in milder areas. Mine continue flowering right up to the coldest part of winter.

Schizostylis are very frost hardy to at least -10C. They are free from pest or disease problems and the snail and slugs aren't interested in them. It is also reported that rabbits and deer aren't fond of them either.

Schizostylis grow to 40 to 60 cm with stems up to 1m in length. Plants will bulk up over time via their rhizome or set seed.

Note Schizostylis have now been reclassified as Hesperantha, but still known as Schizostylis by many gardeners.

Schizostylis Red Seeds

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