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This is an interesting group of plants belonging to the Iris family that are native to the Americas. These plants are easy to grow preferring well drained soil that does not dry out. All are clump forming and division is advisable every few years to maintain vigour. Low growing varieties make ideal rockery or edging plants, giving gardens a natural look. Excellent for rock gardens, cottage gardens, front of borders and along pathways. I like to grow mine around the base of my terracotta pots. It gives the display of pots a more natural look. Flowering from spring to autumn.

Sisyrinchium californicum (Yellow-eyed Grass) is a is a clump-forming, semi-evergreen perennial forming a tuft of narrow, grass-like leaves with bright yellow flowers. It is native to the west coast from British Columbia to California and can be found at the edge of bogs and in moist grasslands. Grows to around 30cm. Frost hardy.

For cut flowers, choose stems with flowers that have just opened. Place in water immediately.



Sangustifolium ‘Album’, commonly known as white blue-eyed grass is an evergreen perennial plant consisting of a tuft of basal leaves and flowering stalks that are grass-like in appearance. Grow in full sun to light shade. These plants will tolerate a large range of soils so long as they are well drained. Height 20cm. Frost hardy to -10C.


Sisyrinchium angustifolium 'Devon Skies' is a cute little British selection of Blue-eyed Grass, valuable in the rock garden as well as for edging in the border. This forms a low clump of grassy green leaves, bearing soft sky-blue flowers with a dark-blue throat and yellow eye. Blooming begins in late spring. Height 20cm. Frost hardy.


Sisyrinchium striatum 'Aunt May' is a grass-like perennial producing multiple spikes of small, pale yellow blooms with dark yellow centres and faint purple stripes in early summer. The flowers rise above grey-green foliage. The summer blossoms each open for just one day with the morning sun and close at dusk. Rarely do the blooms open on cloudy days. Plants grow to 90cm in height. Sisyrinchium striatum is suitable for borders, cottage gardens, meadow gardens and wildlife gardens. This plant isn't fussy about it conditions, grow in full sun and keep on the dry side. Ideal for naturalising.


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