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Sydney Botanical Trial Garden

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

This year the Sydney Botanical Gardens are trialing sweet peas to see which varieties are best suited to their area.

We supplied the following below as they require 10 hours of sunlight instead of 12 hours to activate flowering. Grown outdoors in the normal way, they will flower 2-3 weeks earlier than the other varieties.

It is important that Sweet Peas grown in warmer areas have finished flowering by the time humidity sets in. Sweet Peas will develop powdery mildew if grown in humid conditions.

These are also the best varieties for cut flowers as they have stems around 30cm in length.

The horticulturists were very impressed with our seeds especially when they got 100% germination.

Gawler Margaret

Gawler Judith Martin

Gawler Una Scobie

Gawler Snowy Rau

Gawler Ballerina

Gawler Thelma Mary

Gawler New Dawn

Gawler Marion

Gawler Brad’s Cream

Gawler Coronation Gem

Gawler Prospect

Gawler Don Mac

Gawler Natalie Joy

Gawler Tartan Mac

Gawler Fragrance

Gawler Anne Hoole

Gawler Warrior

Gawler Maxeen Martin

Gawler Alberta

Gawler Annie Wilson

Gawler Karen Lynette

Gawler Christene Martin

Gawler Dunollie Coline

Gawler Fingal

Gawler Sherilyn Gaye

Mammoth Navy

Mammoth Mid Blue

Mammoth Crimson

Mammoth Scarlet

Mammoth Cream Pink

Mammoth Rose Pink

Mammoth Salmon Pink

Modern Grandiflora Blue Wonder

All of the above should be available to purchase from this upcoming harvest.

Naturally I had to visit our plants. The display is looking lovely and I highly recommend you visit if you are in the area.

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