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Tanacetum Ptarmiciflorum ‘Silver Lace’ or 'Bishop's Lace'

Tanacetum Ptarmiciflorum ‘Silver Lace’ or 'Bishop's Lace' is a rounded perennial with feathery silver foliage that keeps its shape for several years with white daisy flowers in spring. In the search for silver foliage plants this is one that should not be overlooked. An open and dry, sunny position with well drained soil are preferred. Silver Lace can be trimmed to a pretty hedge, planted amongst other low shrubs and perennials for a silver highlight or used as a pot specimen. Cut back by 40% after flowering. Use a little slow release organic type fertiliser each spring to improve growth a little. In the heat of summer give an occasional deep watering but do not over water in cooler months. Moderate frost. Height 1m.


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