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The Importance of Scent

Being a horticulturist is such an interesting and diverse career. Recently a horticultural friend in the UK was asked to create a garden for an aged care centre and requested input from her peers.

So how does this relate to Sweet Peas?

One of our most popular requests is for Sweet Peas with a strong scent. Most of the time it is because it reminds a person of a loved one.

Powerful memories can be triggered by scent, usually sending us back in time. Scent therapy has now become accepted in the management of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Sadly though, smell and taste are often lost with age. But research has shown we can "exercise" these senses much the same way we exercise any other part of our body.

Studies are also showing that scent therapy can also be used in conjunction with medication with other medical conditions eg depression.

So the saying, "stop and smell the roses" (or in our case, Sweet Peas) now has added meaning.

So which variety of Sweet Peas have the strongest scent?

Heirlooms are the variety with strongest scent. But many of the Modern Grandifloras also have a strong scent. We stock "Royal Wedding" whose scent is described as a strong orange jasmine.

Each of our Sweet Peas have a scent ranking to make it much easier for you.

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