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The Latest Fad

Due to COVID and people being in lockdown gardening has become very popular. As a result, there has been a massive increase in online gardening sites selling seeds. Many of these businesses have been quickly set up to make a quick buck. They are staffed by people who are not trained, and their websites lack the necessary information to grow their seeds. The seeds are imported which means you do not know their quality. You also do not know how they are being stored and handled as these people are not industry trained.

Australia has many seed companies like ours that grow their own seeds. Businesses like ours support many other Australian businesses and employ local people. We are trained and our seeds are fresh, stored and handled to ensure a premium product. Plus, our website has detailed information written by a horticulturist. The same horticulturist is on call almost 24/7 to provide you with free support.

Also, purchasing locally grown products reduces a products carbon footprint.

Please support Australian growers and businesses. Following are a list of growers we know and recommend.

Tasmanian Select Hellebores

Seeds Freaks

Green Harvest

Heirloom Harvest

Wild Seed Tasmania

If you are Australian business growing your own seeds and not listed above please add your business below.

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