Tigridia pavonia - Jockey Cap Lily (Hot Pink)

Tigridia pavonia - Jockey Cap Lily (Hot Pink)


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Tigridia pavonia is a herbaceous bulbous perennial that is native to Mexico where it grows in semitropical to semi alpine climates. Plants flower during summer and come in shades of red, pink, yellow, white or orange with a speckled centre. Each bulb will produce multiple flower spikes and on each spike will produce several flowers. The flower only last for just a single day however they will continuously bloom throughout summer. When planting place them in a full sun position with well draining soil. They are both frost and drought tolerant however should be sheltered from the strong winds. It areas where there are wet winters, you are best to lift and store the bulbs.  


Plants can be grown easily from seeds. Sow the seeds  during spring and summer when the weather has warmed up.  Place seeds in well drained potting mix and keep the pot moist in a warm area.  So seeds one per pot as they will not grow quickly if crowded.  These plants will need a dry winter dormancy and are tolerant to lifting and dry storage even as young plants.  It can take up 2 years for plants to flower from seed.


Also known as Mexican Shell Flower and Tiger Flower.