A Year of Gardening 2021 - A4 Calendar
  • A Year of Gardening 2021 - A4 Calendar


    2021 - A4 calendar  and 20 mixed Sweet Pea seeds PLUS the following seeds:


    Queen Anne's Lace & Green Mist Mix 1/4 teaspoon of each

    Cosmos 30 Mixed Seeds

    Zinnia  30 Mixed Seeds

    Blue Cornflower 60 (approx) Seeds

    Columbines 1/4 teaspoon Mixed Seeds

    Hollyhock (Red) - Alcea ficifolia 10 Seeds

    Cypress Vine (White) - Ipomoea quamoclit  10 Seeds

    Chamaemelum nobile - Roman chamomile 20 Seeds

    Flat Parsley Seeds 1/4 teaspoon Seeds

    Mizuna Red - Brassica rapa nipponosica Seeds 1/4 teaspoon Seeds

    Jarrahdale Pumpkin 5 Seeds

    Queensland Blue Pumpkin 5 Seeds

    Jam Melon 5 Seeds


    Store seeds in a cool place eg fridge, just keep them dry until you are ready to sow them.  Sweet Pea seeds can be stored in the freezer.  

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