Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'- Fernleaf Yarrow - Plant

Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'- Fernleaf Yarrow - Plant


A striking statement plant for the summer garden.  Growing to around 1.5m those large bright yellow flowers sure stand out plus it has fragrant fern-like foliage.  This plant is perfect for dry gardens, cottage gardens and meadow gardens adding an architectural element.  Flowers are excellent for adding to floral arrangements. These bright yellow flowers are a magnet for beneficial insects.  Achillea filipendula is very easy to grow enjoying full sun and well drained soil.  It is a water wise plant and can tolerate the cold.  This is not a spreading species but instead has a clumping habit. Staking is usually necessary however in the many years I have been growing mine I haven’t had to do this.  Being a perennial, it needs to be cut back to ground level (leave approximately 10cm) in autumn.   


It makes an excellent dried or cut flower. Cut when the flowers are well open but before the oldest flowers on the stem start to show signs of browning. To dry, hang upside down in a warm (not hot) place with good air circulation. Drying too fast at high temperatures can cause browning, but drying too slowly may result in colour loss on the stems and leaves and give a less fresh appearance.


Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'- Fernleaf Yarrow  Seeds


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