Alchemilla mollis - Lady's Mantle
  • Alchemilla mollis - Lady's Mantle


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    Alchemilla mollis is a low growing perennial ground cover that grows in a clumping manner. It is grown for both its interesting foliage and frothy sprays of flowers. The soft, velvety leaves are lobed with toothed margins and are densely covered in soft hairs. Each leaf is palmately veined with 7-11 partially folded lobes, making it appear pleated. The foliage is light green to olive green in colour. The dense hairs on the leaves catch and hold water droplets, so are very attractive after rain or in the morning when drops of dew collect on the textured leaves. These beads of water were considered by alchemists to be the purest form of water, and they used this water when attempting to turn base metal into gold – hence the name 'Alchemilla'.


    The flowers are sprays of greenish, lace-like, yellow flowers which are borne in summer. These flowers are excellent to use in floral arrangements both fresh and dried. Drying them is as simple as cutting the blooming stems and hanging them in bundles upside down in a cool, ventilated spot to dry. They resist shattering and last longer than many dried flowers.


    Grow Alchemilla mollis in the shade to part sun in reliably moist soil, humus rich soil. This plant is ideal for borders, woodland gardens and cottage style gardens. Hardy to -15C. 


    Seeds can be sown directly but due to their size I would recommend starting them in pots. Sow seeds in autumn as they need the cold to germinate when it warms up. The seeds should be just barely covered with soil and well watered. Once the seedlings are around 10cm in height you can transplant them into the garden.


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