Artemisia absinthium - Tree Wormwood
  • Artemisia absinthium - Tree Wormwood


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    Artemisia absinthium - Tree Wormwood is an extremely fragrant, frilly metallic silver leaved perennial that makes quite a statement in the mixed border.  Shrub to 2 m high x 1m wide. Prune hard 2-3 times a year to shape.


    Fresh flowers and foliage have a vase life of 5 to 10 days. Flowers are cut when half the spike is open. Cut the foliage when the true leaves have developed. Woody stems will need to be split. Both the flowers and foliage need to be conditioned for 24 hours in deep cold water, removing the lower foliage. If the foliage wilts and does not respond to this method, recut the stems and place in hot water. Both the flowers and foliage are suitable for air drying.


    This is not a culinary herb but is an excellent herbicide and companion plant.



    Wormwood is easy to grow from seed. Surface sow at 1.5mm deep in pots containing a good potting mix. Do not cover the seed as they need light for germination. Water and keep damp not wet.  Germination takes 10 to 24 days at 20C.  Transplant the seedlings when they are around 10cm. Water regularly until mature.


    Snail Control

    Place a cup of fresh leaves, clove of garlic and a cup of fresh chilli (heat rating 6+) in a blender with a cup of water. Blend, add 1 litre of water, bring to the boil and let cool. Strain, bottle and store in a cool dark place. Mix with 5ml of vegetable oil and spray on leaves or ground around snail areas.



    Wormwood is the traditional companion plant for chickens; as they peck it, the plant helps them cleanse themselves of internal parasites such as worms. You can also use the prunings in their nesting boxes to repel insects, such as mites.

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