Eurybia divaricata - White Woodland Aster

Eurybia divaricata - White Woodland Aster


10 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Eurybia divaricata, previously known as Aster divaricatus is a herbaceous perennial bearing clusters of bright fragrant white flowers in late summer. The yellow centres of the flowers turn red when the flowers are pollinated. Flowers are produced on fine black drooping stems. This aster is a charming, low maintenance landscape plant for shady gardens. The flowers look terrific growing and poking through other plants. Eurybia divaricata, is perfect for woodland gardens as it can tolerate full to part shade. Growing to around 1m it is also an excellent understory plant. This plant will bring in the beneficial insects to your garden.


Most Aster seeds normally need 30 to 60 days of cold stratification for germination. If you are in a warmer area your seeds will need to be placed in the fridge before sowing. Seeds are sown in autumn in cooler areas that can naturally provide the necessary cold to break the dormancy of the seed. Seeds are potted up in a light potting mix and just covered with soil. Water and keep damp not wet. Seeds will start to germinate when the weather warms up. Leave plants to grow and plant out into the garden the following spring.

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