Astrantia 'Hadspen Blood'

Astrantia 'Hadspen Blood'


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Astrantia 'Hadspen Blood' is considered one of the darkest red cultivars, flaunting intricately detailed deep carmine floral mounds that shine like rubies over large lustrous palmate leaves.  Growing to a height of 60cm.


Astrantia (Masterwort or Hattie’s pincushion) is a charming hardy and herbaceous perennial border plant that flowers during summer.  These are easy to grow plants but it is crucial that they are given the correct growing conditions.  It is essential these plants are grown in moist humus-rich soil.  Astrantias will grow in heavy clay soils, but much prefers slightly acidic, light rich, loamy soils.  For best growth and performance, astrantias should be planted in partial sun to dappled shade. Darker varieties, such as ‘Hadspen Blood’, will perform better in a sunnier spot.


Sow seeds in autumn to early winter.  Seeds require cold stratification to germinate.  If you are in a warmer area you may need to place your seeds in the refrigerator for six weeks before sowing. Seeds can be direct sown or sown into pots and planted out when seedlings have reached a height of approximately 10cm.


The flowers can be cut and last well, though they also make excellent dried flowers, looking similar to paper daisies (but flatter domed).