Basil - Purple Ruffles

Basil - Purple Ruffles


Of the many available varieties of basil, Purple Ruffles is one which serves its purpose as an herb as well as a beautiful ornamental addition to the garden. Purple Ruffles basil has large, shiny maroon leaves with distinctive frilly edges. The flavour is on the delicate side, with soft notes of lliquorice, sweet cinnamon, and mint.  Like many edible purple plants, these leaves contain an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which gives them their characteristic colour.


It can also be used in place of sweet basil in salads.


Growing Purple Ruffles basil is very similar to growing any other cultivar of basil. Since these frost tender plants grow best under warm growing conditions, it is important to always wait until all chance of frost has passed in the spring before planting.

To encourage bushier plant growth, pinch the plants or frequently prune them throughout the harvest period. To harvest basil, make certain never to remove more than one-third of the plant, as to ensure continued growth.


Excellent foilage filler for floral arrangements.


Height 50cm.


7cm pots (several plants)