Bells of Ireland - Moluccella laevis
  • Bells of Ireland - Moluccella laevis


    Quarter of a  teaspoon of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


    A hardy plant for the Spring and Summer garden, preferably in a full sun location. The plant grows anywhere from 60cm to 1.2cm high and between 50cm to 1m wide.


    In warm areas, seeds can be sown in Winter, cooler areas, sow in Spring.


    Sprinkle seeds on the ground or in tube pots. Press or water in. These seeds require light to germinate.


    In areas where the Summers are humid, plant where they can get good air flow. 


    Bells of Ireland can be picked for fresh or dried flowers. Care should be taken when handling, as they have several spikes behind each ‘Bell’.

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