Boltonia asteroids - False Aster
  • Boltonia asteroids - False Aster


    30 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


    My favourite autumn flowering plant.  A native American wildflower, it produces masses of small mauve flowers during late summer and autumn.  This plant grows to around 1.2 metres.  I team it up with my Jerusalem artichokes which flower at the same time.  The mauve flowers of the boltonia look stunning with the yellow sunflower like flowers of the Jerusalem artichokes.  Boltonia is very easy to grow.  It prefers full sun with dampish soil.  It is rhizomatous by nature so will spread, but not aggressively. Removal of any unnecessary plants is easy.  Boltonia is a perennial and is cut back to ground level after flowering.  Due to its height, plant at the back of the boarder. Insects especially bees and butterflies love this plant.  And boltonia makes an excellent cut flower.


    To grow these plants from seeds you are best to sow in pots and grow on until ready to plant out.  Seeds need to be placed in the fridge for at least 6 weeks.  This mimics winter and activates the germination process.  Seeds are then sown when temperature can be maintained at a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius.  Sow seeds in a fine seed raising mixture and keep moist.  Continue to grow the seedlings on in a moderately warm and well lit area potting up after the second set of leaves have formed. I would recommend if you live in a cold area not to plant out the seedlings into the garden until the second year.