Campanula medium - Canterbury Bells Mixed Seeds

Campanula medium - Canterbury Bells Mixed Seeds


100 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00


Canterbury Bells (Campanula medium) is a popular biennial (perennial in some areas) garden plant reaching about 60 cm.  These plants have a long-lasting blooming season.  They need full sun during the early morning while needing protection from the hotness of the midday sun. Canterbury Bells prefer growing in the slightly cold temperatures. These plants need soil that is very well draining.


Excellent cut flowers with stems up to 80cm in length. 


Seeds are best direct sown in autumn.  As seeds need light to germinate, I scatter and leave after I have watered the seeds in.  I then hold off mulching until spring when the seedlings have appeared.


Also know as - Cup And Saucer, Coventry Bells, Coventry Rapes, Fair-In-Sight, Gingerbread Bells, Lady's Nightcap, Mariettes, Mercury's Violets, St Thomas's Bell, Bell Flower

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