Chocolate Lace Flower 'Dara' Daucus carota

Chocolate Lace Flower 'Dara' Daucus carota


100 (approximately) open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Chocolate Lace Flower or Pink Queen Anne’s Lace is perfect for cottage, meadow and cut flower gardens. It is an annual plant carrying tall lacy umbels of the palest beige through pink and burgundy, growing between 40cm to 1.3m in height. These flowers will bring the pollinating insects to your garden. Chocolate Lace Flower prefers full sun to a little light shade.

Sow seeds in Autumn or Early Spring. Direct sow (approx 30 cm spacing) where they are to grow and cover with a light layer of soil and gently water well and keep moist (not wet).


Alternatively, they can be sown into 10-12cm tall tubes and planted out after a few sets of true leaves have grown. Transplant carefully as they do have a taproot and can resent too much root disturbance.

Germination takes between 7-21 days and will flower in 15-17 weeks

Flowers can be picked for the vase when all the flowers on the head have opened. If picked too early, the stems have a tendency to wilt.

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