The cleome spider flower is named for its tall, leggy appearance and the shape of its leaves.  Many petals radiate from a central point, forming a cluster, which is around 10cm. Long stamens give the flowers a spiky look. Flowers come in shades of pink, purple, white, and lavender.  Even the foliage is attractive, as it is fern-like and delicate.  Flowers of the cleome plant bloom in summer and may last until frost occurs. Cleome flowers are excellent candidates for the back of the flower border, where their lanky stems can hide behind other plants.


Grow these annual plants in full sun to part shade, they are not fussy about soil type so long as it is well draining. This attractive annual flower re-seeds prolifically and returns year after year.


Height from 1m, plants will need support in the form of hoops.  


Excellent cut flowers.

Punnet.  This plant is unsuitable to be posted.  Pick up from Cressy or the markets.