Columbine Mixed Seeds (Aquilegia)
  • Columbine Mixed Seeds (Aquilegia)


    Quarter of a teaspoon of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


    Aquilegia, Columbines or Granny’s Bonnet are a delightful plant for the cottage garden. The flowering stems reach above the foliage and come in both single and double forms in a variety of colours. Columbines like a well-drained humus rich soil and require mulch in warmer conditions to keep the soil moist. They tolerate full sun to part shade. These plants are perfect for cottage, meadow and wildlife gardens.  Columbines are excellent cut flowers. 


    Seeds are sown in either Autumn or early Spring by scattering them onto the soil and watering in as they require light to germinate.  For Spring sowing, place seeds in the fridge for 6 weeks before sowing. 30cm between plants is a good spacing as they are a clump forming perennial, usually lasting between 3-4 years. Plants grown from seed will flower in their second year. Dead head regularly to encourage more blooms.


    For warmer regions, place seeds in the fridge for 6 weeks before sowing.