Coreopsis grandiflora – Coreopsis Sunray

Coreopsis grandiflora – Coreopsis Sunray


20 open pollinated seeds from our gardens.  


Coreopsis grandiflora 'Sunray' is a compact short-lived perennial forming a mound of large brilliant, deep golden-yellow, double flowers.  Flowers appear from early summer and continue to late autumn. It is tolerant of summer heat and humidity, growing to 60cm.  Plants prefer full sun to part shade.  They are not fussy about soil conditions and can tolerate poor to sandy but it does need to be well drained.  Coreopsis naturalise with ease and will attract bees and other insects to your garden. It is perfect for meadow and wild gardens but also be grown in a large pot. Cold hardy, floriferous and easy to grow.


Excellent cut flower.   Winner of the Fleuroselect Gold Medal.


Sow seeds in autumn, either direct or in a pot.  Gently cover seeds with a fine layer of soil.  Water and keep damp but not wet.  Germination occurs around 20C.  Grow seedlings to around 10cm and transfer into the garden.