Cornflower - Blue - Centaurea cyanus

Cornflower - Blue - Centaurea cyanus


Quarter of a teaspoon (approx 60 seeds) of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Note these plants have been grown near the Black Ball variety.


Cornflower- Blue - Centaurea cyanus (pincushion. Batchelor buttons)


This dramatic blue annual cornflower grows to at least 90cm. The plants have an upright habit with long grey/green leaves and produce tall bright blue double flowers. It is the perfect plant for cottage gardens, wildflower gardens, beds and borders. It is an excellent cut flower or dried flower, holding its colour. Cornflowers attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects to the garden.


Sow direct for best results in spring after the last frostor in autumn, barely covering seed, in full sun or part shade. Keep moist through germination and while growing. Prefers a cooler climate but will tolerate summer heat. Plants may need some support.


Culinary note: Centaurea cyanus petals are edible.

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