Cosmos sulphureus - Sulfur Cosmos

Cosmos sulphureus - Sulfur Cosmos


20 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Cosmos sulphureus is annual growing to 90cm. Beautiful bright orange flowers to 8cm from summer to autumn with attractive ferny foliage. It prefers full sun to part shade and well drained soil. It can tolerate poor soil, heat and humidity. Cosmos sulphureus will attract beneficial insects like praying mantis. This plant is perfect for meadow, cottage and cut flower gardens. The flowers can be used as a natural dye.


I direct sow my seeds at the start of summer after the danger of frost has cleared. I scatter my seeds on top of the soil and water. Then approximately two weeks later, I sprinkle a very fine later of soil over the area where the seeds where spread. Keep the soil most but not wet.


Culinary Note: Flowers and young leaves are edible.