Crimson Clover - Trifolium incarnatum

Crimson Clover - Trifolium incarnatum


100 seeds of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


This versatile annual legume is not only pretty to look at, it can be grown as a cover crop, green manure in both the vegetable and flower garden  and used as an annual ground cover.  It will grow in fertile well drained soils to a lower fertility situation, though it does not tolerate water-logging or saline conditions.


The fluffy (fox tail) flower heads are attractive to the bees and other beneficial insects. Crimson Clover has an erect habit, growing to around 50-60cm in height. Sow the seeds when the soil is still warm. Cool zones: September to April. Warm zones: Sow and grow in the cooler parts of the year, from late March/April to May. Sow the seeds and just cover with about 5mm of soil and keep moist till germination occurs  at approximately 10-20 days. Plant spacing is 20cm in a full-sun aspect.


Flowers can be picked at the base when the flower head is nearly fully opened, in the early morning or late afternoon. Strip off any leaves and put the stems into a bucket of cool water. They will be ready for arranging when the stems straighten.