Dark & Moody Seed Mix

Dark & Moody Seed Mix


Add some drama to your garden with our Dark and Moody Mix.  


10 burgundy sweet pea seeds

5 red and white flake sweet pea seeds

15 bunny tail seeds

20 burgundy cornflower seeds

15 Sanguisorba officinalis ‘Arnhem’ - Great Burnet 'Arnhem' seeds

1/4 teaspoon chocolate lace seeds

20 Scabiosa atropurpurea dark colours


Sow sweet pea seeds as per our blog post - How to Grow Sweet Pea Seeds.


All of these seeds are best sown direct in autumn except for the bunny tails which are sown in spring.  It is as simple as scatter and leave. Note some of these seeds require light to germinate. Therefore, just water and leave, do not mulch until the seeds germinate which for some will be spring.  Detailed information regardening each vareity can be found on their individual page. 

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