Digitalis lanata - Woolly Foxglove or Grecian Foxglove

Digitalis lanata - Woolly Foxglove or Grecian Foxglove


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This plant has the marketing name of 'Café Crème', this unusual foxglove has a beautiful 'Coffee and Cream' colouration.


Digitalis lanata, often called woolly foxglove or Grecian foxglove is an erect perennial forming a rosette of evergreen lance-shaped leaves, with cream or pale yellow flowers 2.5cm long, veined with brown, in a long spike in summer.  Grow in a shady, well-drained spot in the garden (mine grow on the edge of a woodland garden), this perennial variety grows to a height of only 60 to 72cm, and produces many stems which are very suited for use as cut flowers.


Seeds can be sown directly in autumn or sown indoors 10-12 weeks before last expected frost.  Gently press the seeds onto the surface moist well drained potting mix. Do not cover with soil as light is required for germination. Ideal temperature is 15-20°C. Germination takes 14-21 days. Prick out seedlings when well grown. Acclimatise and plant out after danger of frost has passed. Keep pots damp but not wet until germination occurs.


Note - Highly toxic by ingestion. Wear gloves and wash hands after handling.