Felicia amelloides - Blue Marguerite Daisy

Felicia amelloides - Blue Marguerite Daisy


15 seeds of open pollinated seeds from our gardens.  


Felicia amelloides or commonly known as Blue MargueriteDaisy, is a perennial, evergreen plant, in the daisy family.  It flowers from spring to autumn especially if you dead head it occasionally.  Growing 30cm high and around 50cm wide, it is drought tolerant and can handle sun to part shade.  Felicia amelloides can tolerate moderate frost.  I have been growing it for years in a microclimate in an area that gets to -7C.  Grow in soil with good drainage.  Felicia amelloides bring beneficial insects to the garden and is the perfect addition to a cottage garden or rockery. 


Seeds need a cold spell to break dormancy, if you live in a warmer area then store the seeds in the fridge for a minium of 4 weeks before sowing.  Sow seeds in a light potting mix and keep damp not wet.  Plant out into the garden once the plants are around 10m in height and after the last frost.  





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