Foxglove Foxy Mix

Foxglove Foxy Mix


No traditional cottage garden is complete without Foxgloves. The towering spikes covered in bell-like flowers add height and structure to the flower bed. 


Foxglove Foxy Mix is a modern digitalis variety of foxglove specifically bred to produce spectacularly bright and long lasting flower spikes. The flowers Foxglove Foxy are in spectacular shades of red, pink, purple, yellow and white with the classic speckled throats on the flowers. Foxglove Foxy Mix is a semi-dwarf variety that grows to about 1m in height when in flower and will flower in the first year. These biennial or short lived perennial plants prefer well drained soil and will grow in full sun to part shade.


Foxgloves have a vase life of 5 to 10 days. Pick the spikes when half of the bell-like flowers are open. Condition spikes overnight in warm water. Wilted spikes can be revived by placing them in hot water after the spike has been recut. Remove spikes when they have revived.


Like all foxglove varieties, Foxglove Foxy Mix is poisonous. 


10cm pot