Garden Tool Bag Gift Pack
  • Garden Tool Bag Gift Pack


    An adorable gift for that special gardening person in your life.  This gift pack comes gift wrapped.


    Packed in this collectable Christmas gift tin is this delightful seed mix:

    • 10 Mixed Sweet Pea Seeds
    • 20 Calando Marigold Mix seeds (Annual 30 cm height plants, pinch to use as cut flowers.. Flowers are 8 cm in diameter.)
    • 20 Cherry Red Dwarf Marigold seeds
    • 10 Sunflower ‘Sunbird’ seeds
    • Summer Breeze Seed Mix


    Plus 1 each of the following:

    • Multifunctional Garden Tool Bag
    • Ho Mi Hoe (Korean Gardening Hoe)
    • Gloves
    • Jute Netting
    • Twine
    • Vase



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