Geranium pratense 'Dark Reiter'

Geranium pratense 'Dark Reiter'


5 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Geranium pratense 'Dark Reiter' has large bright lilac-blue flowers that are held high above its dissected burgundy-tinged leaves.


Geraniums are essential understorey plants in woodland shady gardens. They are the perfect plants to let naturalise. Being a woodland plant, they prefer moist soil rich in humus and dappled shade or early morning sun. Their leaves and flowers come in a large range of colours, shapes and sizes. Geraniums are long lived perennials and are very easy to grow. The only thing to ensure is you keep the water up to them during summer. Once they have finished flowering deadhead to the tidy the plant up.


Growing Geranium seeds is very easy. Sow seeds in early summer or spring, lightly cover with potting mix and keep damp not wet. Leave plants to grow and plant out after the danger of frost has passed.