Geum 'Mrs J. Bradshaw - Avens
  • Geum 'Mrs J. Bradshaw - Avens


    30 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


    This plant forms a low clump of coarse green leaves, with branching stems of scarlet orange, semi-double blooms held high above its foliage.  This makes this plant a striking feature in the garden as the flowers seem to appear from nowhere  adding dramatic pops of red colour.  Remove faded flowers regularly to encourage more buds. Plants may be pruned back hard after blooming, to rejuvenate the foliage. Clumps should be divided every 3 to 4 years in spring or autumn. Grows to a height of 60cm and is evergreen.


    Sow seeds in autumn in a light compost mix to a depth of 5mm.  These seeds will need a cold spell to break dormancy and to start the germination process.  If you don't live is a cool area, place the seeds in the fridge for six week prior to planting out. Grow seedlings onto a good size before planting out.