Godetia Gem Dwarf

Godetia Gem Dwarf


Godetia is an annual with this variety growing to 45cm.  It is an attractive and very showy annual flower that blooms in late spring.  The blooms are similar to those of an azalea, and they usually come in shades of pink to white.


Florists love Godetia for adding frilled texture and pops of color to spring and summer arrangements. With their multiple blooms, they make excellent filler flowers and work well as garden or potted plants.


Godetia prefers full sun and poor quality, well drained soil (sand or loam) with a slightly acid pH. If kept too moist the plants will rot. If the soil is too rich the plants will not produce quality flowers. However, get the growing conditions correct these plants will self seed for years to come.


Also known as Clarkia.


14cm pot. This plant is unsuitable to be posted.  Pick up from Cressy or the markets.