Gooseneck loosestrife Plant - Lysimachia clethroides
  • Gooseneck loosestrife Plant - Lysimachia clethroides


    Supplied as a freshly dug bareroot dormant plant during autumn.  Otherwise potted plant at markets. 


    This is one of my favourite plants.  When in flower it gives the appearance of a flock of geese in the garden. 


    Lysimachia clethroides flowers late summer attracting beneficial insects to your garden.  The flowers are excellent for cutting.  This plant prefers full sun and can tolerant moist conditions, so it is perfect for growing in boggy positions like the edge of a pond.  This perennial develops lovely red autumn colouring before going dormant for winter. 


    It needs to be noted that this plant spreads quickly and can take over a garden.  I have been able to keep mine under control with annual maintenance.