Ammi visnaga 'Green Mist'

Ammi visnaga 'Green Mist'


1/4 of a teaspoon of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Green Mist (Ammi Visnaga) also known as False Queen Anne's Lace or Lace Flower is a hardy annual with fine foliage. It is free blooming with umbrella shaped heads of pale green to white flowers, the colour going with almost anything in the garden. It flowers Spring and Summer, attracting numerous beneficial insects. If grown in a humid environment, allow some airflow where it is planted. It grows between 90cm to 120cm and about the same wide.


When harvesting the flowers, pick when about 75% of the flower head is open, cutting with sharp secateurs and then remove the lower leaves. Be aware that the sap could irritate sensitive skin. Flowers will last 6-8 days in the vase. Flower heads can be hung upside down in a dark room to dry. If left to age and set seed on the plant, the flower heads fold in, giving a 'straw broom' appearance.


Seeds can be sown in Spring and successively into Summer. In mild areas seeds can be sown in Autumn. Press the seeds onto the soil as light aids germination.


Note these plants have long taproots and do not like being disturbed.

On a personal note, mine come up in the garden when they are ready and have tolerated frosts.