Hellebore (hybrid cross) Seeds

Hellebore (hybrid cross) Seeds


10 open pollinated hellebore seeds for $4.00


Our seeds have been collected from mixed varieties of hellebores with different colours and shaped flowers. These open pollinated seeds are a mix of all these different hellebores. These seeds will give you the opportunity to grow something unique.


Growing hellebores from seed is easy. First your seeds must be fresh. Our seeds have been harvested in the past couple weeks and will require immediate sowing. However, we do store our seeds in the refrigerator for autumn sowing. 


To sow seeds, select pots that are around 10cm in diameter and have a depth of approximately 10cm, no less. Clean your pots. Potting mixture needs to fine. I use a 50/50 ratio of Kelpomix Premium Potting Mix  and compost. You are wanting to replicate the soil of a woodland environment where the seeds naturally self-seed. Fill your pot with your potting mixture. Place one seed per pot to a depth of 2cm and gently water.


I next place a fine later of sugar cane mulch. You need to keep your pots damp but not wet. Seeds can take up to 12 months to germinate, so be patient. I would leave pots for 2 years before discarding any.


Leave the seedlings to grow in their pots until they have formed a couple sets of leaves. At this point they can be either planted out into the garden or left to grow further. At this point the seedlings will require a feed of liquid fertiliser.


Note that hellebore seedlings do not like having their roots disturbed, so be gentle and plant out with as much soil undisturbed as possible.


Your seedlings will start flowering at around 3 years.


For more information on growing and breeding hellebores, we recommend the book "Hellebores" by Graham Rice.