Hollyhock (Red) - Alcea ficifolia

Hollyhock (Red) - Alcea ficifolia


20 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


This is no ordinary hollyhock!


  • It is resistant against RUST!! 
  • Seeds sown in autumn will flower in the first year.
  • Hardy perennial unlike the common variety which is biennial.  


Alcea ficifolia is a lesser known hollyhock species native to Siberia.  It is commonly known as the 'Antwerp' or 'Fig-leaved Hollyhock' due to its attractive fig shaped leaves which are resistant against rust.  They provide an architectural feature in the garden and are a perfect addition to cottage gardens.  Flowers are ideal for floral arrangements. 


Seeds are best direct sown in autumn.  Alcea ficifolia prefers a sunny position with well drained soil.  These plants quickly form a dense, well-branched plant.  When in flower the plant can reach 2m in height, so protect from strong winds or stalking maybe required.  

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