Hollyhock 'Spring Celebrities' - Double Crimson

Hollyhock 'Spring Celebrities' - Double Crimson


Spring Celebrities is a dwarf, multi-stemmed Hollyhock series with large double- to semi-double flowers. Flowers first year and keeps flowering up to 3 months. Plant height 60 to 80 centimeters.


Hollyhocks are biennials or short-lived perennials. 


Hollyhocks wiil grow under Black Walnut trees; they are tolerant of the toxic juglone that is emitted through the trees' roots.


Excellent cut flower but they must be conditioned correctly.  Hollyhocks have hollow stems which need to be filled with room temperature water immediately after being harvested.  Plug the stem with cotton wool.  To eliminate small air bubbles, pierce the stem with a pin just below the flower head. If flowers stems are recut, you will need to repeat this process.  Let stand over night before using. 


7cm pot