Isotoma axillaris - Australian Harebell
  • Isotoma axillaris - Australian Harebell


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    Isotoma axillaris is a cute as its common name, Australian Harebell.  It is widespread from Victoria through New South Wales and Southern Queensland. It grows naturally in damp crevices or shallow soil in rocky areas.  Plants grow to around 40cm x 40cm with flowers around 3cm.  It is a lovely clumping plant that never stops flowering during the warmer months.  The piercing sky blue flowers make it a feature plant in the garden or pots.  It is a tender perennial, but will need to be treated as an annual in frosty areas.  


    Seed can be scattered directly in late winter, when there is no more danger of frost, or planted into pots and then transplanting in spring. Plants will require regular watering until established, and then only need watering about once a week, perhaps more in the heat.  Flowering will occur approximately 16 weeks after germination.  Propagation from firm cuttings is also possible, but it is recommended that gloves be worn to avoid reactions to the sap. Pinch out the young growth to make it even bushier.


    Plants exude a white sap that produces a severe stinging sensation if rubbed on eyes and may cause irritation to sensitive skin.