Ixia hybrida - Seeds
  • Ixia hybrida - Seeds


    5 open pollinated seeds from our gardens.  


    This Ixia hybrida is a mauve and pink bicolour.  Ixia have fine grassy foliage and masses of starry brightly coloured flowers.  These plants are well suited to the warmer climates and are a very hardy plant.  Their late flowering season bridges the gap between the Spring flowering bulbs and the Summer flowering perennials, making bright accent points in the garden. They prefers a full sun position and well drained soil.  Ideal for cottage and meadow garden and can be grown in pots.


    They make an excellent cut flower and have a long vase life.   


    Sow seeds in autumn and keep in pots for the first couple of years.  Keep well watered but now wet. You need to wait until corms have developed before transplanting into the garden, this be around two years. 

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